An Adventurous Day- My visit To Prince Islands

Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been a while!
I’m trying to put myself into the habit of posting every 2 days. I was supposed to post yesterday but I couldn’t unfortunately because of the fact that we were visiting family, we still are actually. We decided to just have a day outside and wandering even though the heatwave is crazy today!  
We are going to…* drumroll please* PRINCE ISLANDS. HOW EXCITING!

We visited the Islands like about 3 years ago and I loved it! It’s a little escape from the big city and just taking all the fresh air into your lungs like opening a new book to read. So many adventures and so many places to visit! Especially, I love visiting churches. The smell of history in the churches make me so contented. I might sound silly but I’m bloody in love with historical sights. I also love learning about religions, as it’s also a part of my course at university. I’m typing this post on the ferry and it’s SO damn crowded. My anxiety has played a little on the ferry and I managed to calm it down. 

When you step onto the island, you’ll get a very positive feeling. A fresh air and how you would feel when you buy orchids. Or running through a sunflower field. Seriously. 
You could sit in a little cafe, sipping lemonade and eating delicious ice cream.
They also have gluten-free and vegan options! ( which is A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME)

 Though it was VERY WELL CROWDED TODAY. I’m exhausted from seeing people. As if you can be exhausted from that, sheesh. Plus, I fell asleep on the way back. 
That’s basically what I’ve been up to today. 
How’s your summer going? Let me know what you’ve been up to lately! 

Xx Pen

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