Letter to my 15 Year Old Self

I’ve been wanting to write a “ letter to my previous/younger selves” and I’ve decided to type out a letter to my 15-year-old self as it was a very hard year for me.
Hello, 15-year-old Penny. You are clueless about what the future is going to bring. You think that you’ll be stuck in these 4 walls for life, and the anxiety won’t go away. You wonder how you are going to make it in your life, university, and your mom’s situation.
But the one thing is, it GETS better. Everything ends, maybe your mom couldn’t get better and you will lose her in 5 years but you’ll acknowledge your strength.
You’ll become your own person.
Just know that there’ll be lots of amazing people by your side who will wrap you in a blanket and keep you warm and safe. You’ll meet him. You will.
Don’t throw away your old diaries just because they sound silly. They make you, ”YOU”.
 You’ll study what you love. You’ll do what you love. I know that everything seems so blurry and the future is unclear. But you will make it. I’m saying hi from you as your 20-year-old self.
Also, you’ll rock a short hair. You are hiding behind your hair right now I know you all too well. You’ll flourish.  I’m proud of you already. And how much will you accomplish in the future. I’m beyond excited and cheering for you over here.
Everything will be okay and I know that it seems unclear but it will.
I’m glad to have you and so are the people that love you.
Love, Pen xx

8 responses to “Letter to my 15 Year Old Self”

  1. this is beyond beautiful, i'm so proud of you.


  2. Aw, this is a lovely post. I've just turned 16 a few days ago so I know this is definitely something a lot of 15 year olds need to hear <3- http://www.theordinaryblogger.com


  3. this is awesome and YOU are awesome also yes you really rock that short hair my beautiful hufflepuff sister!


  4. This is so beautiful! A very honest and well written blog post. 😊❤️ Xxx


  5. Thank you so much lovely! x Pen


  6. Thank you so so much 🙂


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