Essentials for Bloggers/ Aspiring Writers

Hello once again! 
I decided to make a different post and to talk about a few essentials for an aspiring blogger or any kind of writer( if you happen to be writing a book for example) I’m going to be sharing tips for you all! I’ve got you covered, no worries! 
Starting off, every aspiring writer needs a NOTEBOOK. Jot down any ideas you have for a certain subject, a character name or speaking of bloggers, a post idea. You always have to have something handy to write down your ideas or else, they will fly away. Poof. Gone. Then you will be crying after the “ lost inspiration.” So, keep that notebook with you. Carry it all the time. Hide it under your pillow. Or whatever.


Second thing: headphones or wireless speakers. When you feel like writing gets stuck or you just want to take a little break here you go. Amazing. I bought a JBL Go 2 in yellow yesterday and I love that it’s tiny and I can carry it everywhere. I find it really comforting to turn it on and listen to music and dance along while I’m at home and alone. 
THIRD; SNACKS. Yes, ladies and gents. Snacks are what keep everyone focused on their work or studies. I mean, speaking for myself yes it’s really true. Give yourself “ snack breaks” when you feel like you’ve written billions of blog posts (wait, who actually does that? What’s the magic?) or having written a WHOLE chapter. You deserve a break, champion. 
Fourth, water and a cup of tea or your favorite beverage. I know that when it’s really really HOT drinking tea would be the last thing you want to do. But if you aren’t a tea drinker in the summer( unlike me, I drink tea on every occasion) you could try lemon water! I can’t tell you how it refreshes your whole body during the summertime! Try it. You’ll thank me later.

Fifth, the camera. I think every blogger needs a camera other than just taking photos on their phone. The quality is 100% UH SO AMAZING and much better than the camera on your phone.I think you should really invest in a camera. The one I have once belonged to my mother and it’s a Nikon D90. It’s a bit old but I love it.
That’s all, for now everyone, hope to see you on my next post! 
Pen xx
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

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