Last Days Of Summer

Hi everyone! I feel like it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been so busy with picking up things for our house which is getting renewed. I feel like both an architect and a decorator! I enjoy the decorating part but I dislike the whole progress of picking up the right things so everything can look great. Nope, we didn’t hire a decorator, I’m doing all the decorating job!  
 These are the last summer days, where the weather is extremely hot before it turns into the crisp autumn air. ( I hope) I’ll be going on a 5 day holiday with my dad, my aunt and my uncle! I was so hesitant at first to go but I thought that I needed a holiday after dealing with so many stuff including loss of mum, finishing my 1st grade at uni, and home decorating.  Though I’m excited for this 5- day holiday, I’m so looking forward to the autumn weather! It’s definitely my FAVE season. What I definitely love about fall is CANDLES and LEAVES and of course being able to shop the new fall collection at my favorite store!
 Summer definitely lasted like YEARS. I hate the idea of going back to school the most but I kinda miss it, not gonna lie. I hate the pressure, school work and exams but I enjoy my course very much. Still can’t believe I’m going into 2nd grade WOW. 
I’m typing this out on the plane; adding finishing touches while reading Catcher In The Rye! Have you read this one, friends?
I’ll keep you all updated about my holiday! 
Let me know if you are back to school or if you haven’t, comment down below telling me how you are spending your last days of summer! Hope to see you on the next post, if you are still here. ( stats tell me that you are and thank you I love you!)
Xx Pen
Photo by Melanie Wupperman from Pexels

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