One of those days.

We all have days where we feel insecure and bloated. No matter what angle we try to take that photo, it’s just doesn’t work out. We all have days where we just want to lie in bed.
I wasn’t having one of those days until I looked at my stomach and it was bloated. Like a balloon.
I have stomach problems. And there are days when it comes and I feel like a HUGE balloon. My pants don’t fit or my belt is too tight. I can only eat salads on those days.
Stress, as I tell myself while writing these. Whenever I’m stressed, my stomach grows. I even started to wonder if I’m even pregnant in fact I know that I’m not.
My boyfriend looks at me with this weird look on his face when I tell him that I feel so “ insecure and bad” for no reason today. Us women blame hormones for these mood swings, right?
I’m 20, but I don’t feel 20. Ever since I lost my dearest mum I feel like I have grown up. I usually never go to the bank alone or even call a taxi. I wouldn’t say “ have a good day” to waitresses, nor could I use the underground railway. 
There are days when my brain goes “ No no no you can’t do that.” Whenever that voice changes into a negative one, I tell myself that my mind is playing tricks on me. ( your mind is playing tricks on you, my dear 🎼) AND ITS COMPLETELY TRUE. Your mind can do that.
Never be a victim of your own mind. Please.
I’m writing these sentences at 12:40 am. I was wondering about what blog post I should write and publish next and now here I am. I guess I really had to say these things to you guys. I really had to get this off my chest.
If you are feeling bloated, drink fennel tea. Right now I’m drinking “ calming tea” by Whittard’s. I bought this tea while I was strolling around Manchester. 
On a positive note, I wore my Manchester United t-shirt today. I love Manchester. All love for the prettiest city that I’ve ever been to. I had amazing memories there.
Comment down below if you have “ one of those days” like me. Also while you’re here make sure to listen to “ Little Talks” by Of Monsters& Men. We can make it our “ one of those days” anthem.
Until next time.
Pen xx
Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

4 responses to “One of those days.”

  1. Awwww, yeah, I definitely have some of those days that nothing is right and everything is wrong. Be nice to yourself when it happens and know that it will pass. Sometimes it helps me to garden or go for a walk, sometimes I just snuggle up with a good book.Hugs .


  2. Have had those days. I’ve learned to tell myself it will only last a moment. And you’re so right about not being a victim of your own mind.


  3. This is very late Karen but thank you so much for your lovely words. xx


  4. You're definitely right! Most of the time it's our mind that plays trick on us x


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