Managing Your Mental Health At School

Hello dearest people of the internet!
I know that uni/school is tough as heck. I know that if you have a mental health disorder, it is hard to survive school. Yes, I’m studying my dream course but I’m such a perfectionist that I want everything to be perfect. ( well, I was last semester)

But now, I’ve decided to take a healthy approach to courses and exams. Here are some tips that I’m planning to take this year. Hope it helps you as well and let me know!

I’d love to hear from you!
Tip 1: Complete all tasks on time.
This is a life hack. When you do everything on time you won’t have an excessive fuss in your head, which with an anxiety disorder is inevitable but we can try, right?
If you have to jot down the notes you have taken that day or reading a short story for your class, do it on time. Then you won’t be trying to make time to read it in 5 mins and end up not understanding anything AT ALL. I know that once you come back from school you don’t want to do anything but make yourself a cuppa, sit down a bit, wash your face and hands, eat a cookie and you are good to go.
Tip 2: Get enough sleep.
You have probably come across this ‘’tip’’ everywhere. I never knew that sleep was this crucial. When I go to bed at 2 am I just can’t wake up at 7 am. And I have to wake up at 7 am. Usually, I just waste time instead of going to bed knowing that I need those Zzzs. Don’t do this to yourself, folks. The most beneficial sleep is between 11 pm and 3 a.m (I’m going to try to do this, hopefully)
Tip 3: Eat well.
If you don’t want to get sick during an important exam period, you have to eat nutritious foods such as apples with cinnamon ( my favorite combination) and fresh veggies during their season. I notice that when I don’t eat well and enough, I get frustrated easily and I have mood swings. Lately, I’ve been looking at easy recipes on Pinterest. I’ll also start baking again as I have a gluten-free diet and it’s sometimes hard to find foods that I want to eat. I’ve also started eating granola with yogurt and fruit, I also add cinnamon and raw honey and it’s heaven on earth! ( you SHOULD DEFFO try it!)
Tip 4: Listen to music.
Whether blasting your favorite tunes or playing an instrument, music is crucial for well-being. I usually blast out my favorites ( including Paramore) when I need a pick-me-up. I made a Spotify playlist and I usually listen to it while I’m walking or at the train station. It puts you in THAT BADASS mood. Girl boss, hello.
Tip 5: Take a break time to time.
Being a girl boss is tough work. You have to give yourself breaks to recharge! I would advise studying for 30-40 mins(just how long your brain allows you to) and then taking frequent breaks for about 10 to 15 mins. This will make you feel energized again before going back to studying/working. Do some fun things on your breaks such as doodling in your bullet journal, for example, play with your cat, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate since it’s the season. If you don’t have any pets at home, I would suggest burning some seasonal candles too! (Fall candles are out there, hello.)

So these are all my tips about managing your mental health at school or work or wherever you are and you are having a hard time managing it. WE GOT THIS! Just know that every day may not be ”positive” or ”great”. Right now I’m feeling poorly for no reason at all. Just remember that school will END. You won’t stay in school forever. So think of it as an opportunity to shape your future. Think happy thoughts. Think about buying your first home. You got this.

Lots of love as always,
Pen xx

Photo credits: Cottonbro from Pexels.

2 responses to “Managing Your Mental Health At School”

  1. Thanks for the great tips! I think procrastination has definitely hit me hard this week so just getting things done on time is my goal! Also love the tip about music, makes such a difference to my mood! x


  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Ellie! xx


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