Attracting the Things You Want Very Easily

Hello guys!

Right now, while typing this post, Youtube tab is open in the background and I’m listening to the amazing audio that I recently found on a Youtube channel which I’m subscribed to! It is called: ”PickUpLimes”.She’s incredible, and you should definitely look into it.

It’s getting busier and busier at school and my stress levels are very high. My dizziness is back due to my stress. We had our club meeting gathering yesterday and I really think I’ve achieved an amazing job talking in front of people.

I’m responsible for the book reading club that we are doing and I’m buzzing about it!
I have my Psychology quiz tomorrow and I know that my unconscious mind is stressed though my conscious isn’t. It’ll be just a QUIZ, it’s not a big deal like a midterm or a final. I’ve studied enough, made some colorful notes for myself and I really do trust in myself. But my brain goes like ”Are you sure girl….”

This happens to EVERY one of us, right? I’m not alone I really hope.

While having my breakfast this morning, I came across this audio which I’ll leave the link to at the end of this post. It’s about ATTRACTING the things you really want. You know everyone has been talking about this nowadays. And it’s true… I learned about this a very while ago at my meditation course but never done it. I’m mad at myself for this. It’s such a treasure, but you get caught up in life and be like ”Nah…”. But I’m going to give it a try.

Cause why? I decided to type out this post while listening to it. Because for a while I was stuck with ideas for blog posts. I love writing but I want some quality content.

And I’ve been having some ”thinking” time. I guess it’s time.

So how do you get the things you really want? Imagining is the first step. Imagine that your blog will be a huge thing, that you’ll get into the university that you really want, and that you will pass your test. And then have faith. A huge amount of faith. The more you think about the positive, the more positive you’ll invite into your life.

Don’t think about the things that didn’t work out. Consider and attract the things that have proven to be effective in your life. Your house, your health, your family, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend. Be grateful for the things that are going WELL in your life instead of focusing on the negativity and things you don’t have.

That’s the first step. The more you feel grateful, the more you’ll get. Have a gratitude list. I mentioned this in my earlier posts.

When you think about something A LOT, you will start to see it in your dreams. This is a good thing! That means your unconscious mind CAPTURED that dream! And when your unconscious mind gets it, it will make sure to reflect it in your life. That’s what I believe in.That’s what so many successful people believe in. And I’m so tired of living with these negative thoughts and watching negativity happen. I have arguments with people close to me that I don’t even want to argue with. I’m learning the reality that it’s all in my mind.

It’s like planting a seed and watching it grow. The more positivity you’ll seed the more positive things you’ll get.

I’m leaving the link to the audio I’ve been talking about here:

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope that it will make a change in your life.

Manifestation magic is real! Just believe in it. 🙂
Until next time,
xx Penny
Photo credits: Matheus Martelli from Pexels.

4 responses to “Attracting the Things You Want Very Easily”

  1. Beautiful post ! You are right that focusing on what that can aggravates to feeling good and positive is refreshing. It keeps you motivated and sprang into actions. Thank you Penny��


  2. You are very welcome Ira! Thanks for your lovely comment x


  3. Oh no, I hope you can manage to get through it. It’s gets overwhelming with school and everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, means a lot to me! Thank you for reading. 🙂 x Pen


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