my autumn essentials

If you haven’t seen the background of my blog (which you really should btw), it’s officially fall over here. & the weather has been gloomy and rainy since the weekend. I’m not gonna lie, I love sunshine, but there are days where I prefer rain over sun. Occasionally,this weather drains me and makes me feel down. It’s one of those days actually…But… Let’s get into my autumn essentials and stop with this rambling. Owkay, here we go…

I love candles. Especially autumnal ones. I prefer them over Christmas candles over any day. I have 3 large candles from B&BW. My favourite is definitely ‘Harvest Gathering’. It reminds me of the days where my family used to spend at my grandma’s village up in the mountains. It smells like trees and leaves and cranberries! 
                                                              Some of my favourites

Even though, I’m not a makeup junkie or I don’t have many products since I prefer not to do any makeup at all, I have quite stuff in my hands. I’ve been using the mini eye shadow palette that used to be mum’s. It’s a YSL one and I’m not quite sure about the name of it since it’s very old. The colours are different shades of coral,which I think is one of the best colours that says ” that’s really autumn”. With lipstick, I also prefer to go with dark shades. 
Halloween decorations. I have some mini fake pumpkins and I usually put them on display on places I can around the home. I really need bigger ones that’s for sure though. I then usually hang my tiny ghost, spider and pumpkin decorations on to the places where my cat can’t reach. Because he ends up eating them…

Another thing is that I really love is to curl up with a book or Netflix series/films. Just today, I’ve started watching Maniac. I found it really interesting hopefully I can continue watching it. 

So, comment down below telling me YOUR autumn essentials. 


See you soon!

x – Pen

Photo by Cole Keister from Pexels.

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