Setting Up Time Limits

Hello, lovely peeps of the internet. And also, my fellow readers. How are you? How’s life? How’s school? How’s family?
Well, speaking of life…
Life isn’t perfect like in the Instagram stories of your favorite celebrities. Life isn’t as glamorous as a Youtube vlog. 
That picture of a cake your friend has put on Insta tasted bad.
You had an amazing day with your best friend. It was wonderful. Oh, you didn’t put it on Insta so it doesn’t count. No. IT DOES FREAKING COUNT.
Social media is full of people reflecting happy memories, places, foods they eat. Shows they see. Things they do. Selfies with TONS OF EDITS. And lots of make-up. 
Social media is a lie. I can guarantee you no one lives an oh-so-perfect life. We all have days when our makeup is on fleek and we have days where we don’t put anything on our faces and we sit in our PJs all day. Sundays. Sundays aren’t made for caking your face. Sundays are made for EATING A PIECE OF CAKE. Take my word on it.
So, as someone who used to spend amounts of time following the lives of celebrities full of botox and plastic surgery, their bodies full of designer clothes or none, their “ perfect” faces, hair, makeup, I decided to take a step back. My mental health and my “ life” was suffering from this. I looked at my own life and felt bad about it. Later, I experienced an epiphany, and I was like NO. I’m going to set up a time limit for my social media accounts. Now I can’t go into Twitter. I’ve reached my time limit. I’m going to keep this up. 
And I advise you to do this as well. You’ll see the results. We’re in this together, you girl boss. I believe in you. Universe believes in you. We got your back.
Let’s keep this spirit up!
Love, Pen x
Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

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