Finding What You Love

Finding What You Love
Hello lovely peeps of the internet!
I love this community and I really enjoy blogging. I love this platform because I can voice my opinion. I count it as a safe and well- transparent platform.
So, I was thinking what can I type here as I’ve mentioned I wanted my content to reflect who I am truly. I would never post or write something that I’m not okay with. I still suffer while trying to find an original content to type! Any help from you would be AWESOME! 🙂
Recently, I applied for a minor course at my university. I wanted to do this for a long time but I was unsure about which course I should enroll in. I had a week where I picked the courses from a tin metal box inside I wrote the names of the courses and folded them. I was basically gambling.
One night,( usually all of the good things come at night, right?)  I allowed my inner voice to speak. IT FELT SO GOOD! It told me to follow what I truly wanted as a kid, saying to me ‘’ look around you, you’ll see.’’ Then this little Movie Maker kit that I bought when I was 12, was the first thing I laid my glance on. Underneath was the ‘Film Book’ that I bought for my dad( he is a Cinema graduate btw, so this probably runs in the family, just kidding!) Then, I later remembered my dearest mother’s dream that she had before she passed away, saying that I was choosing Cinema and TV for my minor course. It was that moment where I truly experienced an epiphany, you guys! Instead of writing Psychology on my form, I wrote Cinema&TV. I usually feel regretful after EVERY decision that I make but this time I didn’t feel any regrets AT ALL. I hope I won’t mess this up.
As I was typing all of these, I became more emotional than ever. I hope these little paragraphs inspire you to find what you love and stick to it.
Don’t rush into anything. Wait till your soul and your heart know what’s best for you.

You’ll find out what you really want to do with your life and what makes you happy.
Allow your inner voice to speak!
Hope this inspires you! Let me know what your dream work is like!
x Pen

8 responses to “Finding What You Love”

  1. I agree that we should allow our inner voice to speak, being happy is so important and we often forget it! I’m glad you’re going to do something that you love!


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