why we need female superheroes

Hello you lovely bunch who are still here, those reading my ramblings!

I hope one day I can hug each one of you,  I don’t care how many views or numbers I get here. Even if 5 people who had checked my post is enough. If my words reach out to you then I would be the happiest person alive!

I watched Captain Marvel recently, on International Women’s Day. I must say it was one of those movies that made you feel inspired and on top of the world, a feeling that you could conquer the world.

So, why do we need female superheroes? Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel,  etc. Why do we need them, really?

The world has many superheroes, from Batman to Superman.Ever since I was a little kid I loved Spider-Man. I loved Christian Bale’s Batman. I loved Iron Man. But deep down, I wanted to see a lead female figure who was saving the world.

It all started with Hunger Games, and Katniss who was a lead female figure, standing for what she believed in, and did anything to save innocent people. I was 13-14 when I first encountered with her. She might not be actually classified as a ”hero”since she doesn’t have any kind of superpowers but for me a hero isn’t someone who has superpowers but instead someone who finds the true power to change the world for better within themselves.

Tris, in Divergent, which is still my fave.I was like ”yes”. A woman is saving Chicago. The world. Fighting for peace. She is different, like me like you, like us, where we occasionally feel like we don’t ” fit” or ” blend” in.

And that’s what I TRULY needed, as a developing, young woman, inspired by superheroes saving the world. Using their full potential and most importantly they were BELIEVING in themselves. That’s the key point.

If I shall go back to my point about why we need female superheroes. I must say that we need them to teach our little girls about what they’re capable of and what they can do once they believe in it.

Hope this post inspired you in some kind of way,

I hope you are the superhero of your own life!

Love, Pen xx

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