Vision Board 101

Hello lovely bunch!
While I was thinking about a blog post idea this immediately came to my mind! Tips on how to create a vision/mood/inspiration mood-board! Don’t we all need a post like this?!
When I first moved into my new room after our house renewal, I felt  as if I was just a guest staying over in this room. It didn’t quite feel like “ my room”, though I chose and designed EVERY furniture that I now have in my room. I knew that I had to do something that would feel my own. I came up with this idea that creating a vision board just like I had in my old room would work well, & IT DID! 

 So if you’re thinking about what to put on your wall, here are some do’s to make your room feel like your room and inspire you on your daily goals and life!
I decorated the wall facing my bed with quotes, pictures, tickets etc.that all consisted of memories and stuff I love. Whenever I wake up, I immediately look at that wall and I’m like ”YES GIRL YES” and I feel really inspired and motivated.

  • Positive affirmations/ quotes: Whenever I feel down, I look at my inspiration wall full of positivity and I feel HAPPY. I found many quotes from Pinterest, aka my ultimate source of all things happy!  You can also try cutting out bits and pictures from magazines and sticking them on your wall! voila! 🙂
  • movie, concert tickets: I’m a memory hoarder. I keep ALMOST EVERYTHING. Especially cinema tickets, I don’t know, I’m very sentimental about them! Sticking them on your vision board is an amazing reminder of all of the good memories you have in the past! 🙂 it’s simple but seriously looking back at your happy moments make you much happier! 
  •  pictures pictures pictures!
selfies you have taken with your besties, check. Your birthday party, check. Silly polaroids, check! Make sure to put photos, doodles, and everything silly on your wall to revive the amazing memories!
  • I also put some prints of Van Gogh’s paintings that were in my Van Gogh 2018 calendar, and instead of throwing the calendar away, I’ve taken out the prints of his wonderful paintings and hung up on my wall, which is another inspiration for me! 
So guys, THESE ARE ALL MY TIPS! Comment down below if you have any more tips on creating a vision board, maybe? I would love to hear you guys!
Until the next time,
love pen pen x

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