an open letter to us, women.

Dear sisters,

You’ll always be too much for people that can’t stand your light when you shine brighter than the sun.

You’ll always feel worthless when a man questions your worth instead of showering you with compliments.
And one thing no one else tells you when you’re just 12 and the whole boys at your class make fun of you because they know who your crush is that, you are much stronger than any of their stupid little voices.

You’re not the names they call you.

You are not your size, not your blemishes, not the opinions of people who don’t even know you.

You are the reflection of the women who came before you and who will come after you.

You carry the blood of revolutionary women.

I want you to know that before you question your worth, take a glance at the mirror and know that. Be proud of yourself no matter what.  Get excited and happy over your little steps you take cause they’ll take you to beautiful places.

Know that as long as your blood runs in your veins, you are capable of doing things that you’ve been dreaming of ever since you were little. You wanted to be a singer, act on stage in front of millions, invent something new, or become a scientist. Never ever give up on those beautiful dreams of yours.

You can achieve them. You know this from the bottom of your heart.

Let yourself GLOW. Remember who you are, whose womb you came from. 

I hope that you will never be afraid of standing taller, speaking louder and achieving many great things.

Love from a sister,

xx Penny

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