living with less: a mini guide


This is not just going to be an ordinary post. THIS WILL BE EXTRAORDINARY. So, fasten your seatbelts!

Okay, maybe perhaps I’m joking a bit. But you get the idea.

You see this title everywhere. I know. On Instagram and Pinterest.

You know the term ”hygge”. You read the books.Yes this is Living With Less 101, but in a much different way.

After losing my mom, my dad and I decided to renovate our house, we got rid of tons of stuff. I’ve spent a month giving away and throwing away stuff. I thought to myself that I would never let this mess accumulate ever again.

That’s why, after the renovation, I’ve started living with less.

I still have stuff that I would be happy with if I got rid of it. I’m not a minimalist guru! What I’ve learnt in the past 1.30 years is was that I was holding onto a lot of stuff that I didn’t even need and I even forgotten about it. Yet I was still keeping them ”just in case”.

Speaking of ”just in case”, start throwing or giving away the stuff that you keep for” just in case times.” If they are in a good condition, give them away, if not toss them in the bin.

Trust me, you don’t need tons of coats, t-shirts, or dresses for ”special occasions”. GIVE YOUR WARDROBE A MUCH NEEDED BREAK!

Secondly, if something is broken and it’s been 500 years since you decided to mend it, gently throw those stuff away too. If you haven’t repaired it, chances are you’ll  forget about it in the future as well.

Presents… I know that I would get presents from my family and I would keep them, even though it’s been 10 years and now the t-shirts won’t fit. I used to think that they would somehow ”feel” via their third eye and would feel upset that I’ve given away their presents… This is NOT-SO-ACCURATE at all! If you happen to hate the presents you get, go ahead and donate them. Donate them to people in need.

So… whatever’s in your wardrobe that’s not in use, give it away to people in need.  This has been my motto for the last 1.5 years. I still have a lot to go, but I have to be honest with you… I would never have thought that I would start living with less.

18 year old me would be proud of me and I know it. My room is less clean, more spot-free, and I try to get rid of receipts that I don’t need, magazines that I don’t read, and I recycle them. I can’t express how much it relieves me.

So, these are my mini tips on how to start living with less. This is a journey, so don’t be mad at yourself if you can’t do everything 100%. As always, give yourself a break, listen to your soul.

Let your mind, body, and soul be at ease.

Until the next time!!!

Pen x

6 responses to “living with less: a mini guide”

  1. I have a 6 month rule that works well for me, If i have a sort out and find something I am not sure if I should keep or throw, I return to it in 6 months, If OI haven't used it then I don't need it and out it goes x


  2. I have been watching the Marie kondo tv series on Netflix and has helped me de-clutter. Thank you for sharing your tips!


  3. It's so important to de-clutter! I had a massive clear-out recently and found loads of stuff left over from my teen years. I'm now 21 and can't believe I hadn't already let that stuff go. Thank you for sharing! xxEl // Welsh Wanderer


  4. That's the spirit! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! 🙂 x


  5. Definitely will be starting to watch her series! You're so very welcome x


  6. I know right! The amount of stuff we hold onto is- CRAZY! I'm so glad my tips have helped you out! 🙂 xx


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