self care Sundays

Hello you lovely people!

I decided to make my Sundays ” Self Care Sundays”.

Basically, I do one thing every Sunday that would make me feel better. Whether it’s a face mask, a manicure, or even meditating.

You know, we have to take care of ourselves just like we do care about our friends and family. And looking after yourself is IMPORTANT.

I do have some tips that I want to share with you if you want to declare your Sundays as ” Self Care Sundays”.

Let’s go, shall we?

1) Face mask/pampering yourself.

Finding the perfect face mask and applying it to your skin is very important. You’ll also feel refreshed afterwards. I’ve been using Aloe Face Mask from The Body Shop, and since I have sensitive skin, it works well for me. Make sure you pick up something GOOD for your face. If you have sensitive skin, make sure that you search and read reviews online and ask your fam&friends about it.

Or just even painting your nails in the color you like, will make you feel like you’re over the moon when you look at your nails. 🙂 PAMPER YOURSELF, GIRL.

2) Energy cleansing.

Light some candles as well as aromatherapy candles/oils/diffusers to change the atmosphere of your home and your room. This is crucial since a negative atmosphere and air can also make you feel down and anxious. What I do is that I burn some sage and let it change the atmosphere of the air. ( That’s an old belief, but DON’T BURN the house while doing that!)

3) Have a Netflix marathon. Or watch a movie!

What I usually do is that I watch my favorite TV series, either online or on cable TV. I just give myself a break for like an hour or 30 mins to finish an episode.

4) Make a plan for your week.

Get a weekly planner or make your own and write down the things that you’ll do that week, your goals, and your plans. Planning is also great for anxiety if you are suffering from it like me. There are so many cute planners, colorful pens, and pencils that you can buy and doodle the whole week!

5) Live in the present moment.

Staying present and being aware of your surroundings is really life-changing. I used to be someone who would always think about the future or past and would go back and forth between them until I realized what I was doing was extremely wrong. When I start to worry about the future or my mind wanders away, I immediately tell my brain to ” be in the moment.” And here’s a useful tip I used to achieve it: meditating for 21 days. You acquire a talent if you work hard on it.

6) Read your favorite book.

Snuggle up with your current read this Sunday! Just getting to know the fictional characters, growing up with them throughout the novel is so much fun! ( except the Hunger Games series, because those series make you cry, man.)

7) Last but least… stay active!

Go for a run, or walk with your headphones on. Even just going on a walk  can increase your serotonin, and you’ll feel more content, relaxed and ambitious for the upcoming week! Even stretching when you wake up in the morning really helps!

Good luck to all of you and love you!

xx Pen

3 responses to “self care Sundays”

  1. Awesome ideas. For me Saturday is self care day. I love aromatherapy, reading book, coloring, going out for a walk and treating myself for self care. Thank you for these ideas.


  2. I love to plan on Sundays! Because of my college schedule, I end up planning on Saturdays, but I definitely consider it an act of self-care. Being organized and ready for the week ahead is a great way to take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly, thank you so much for reading and commenting x Penny


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