my favorite musicals

Hello you lovely bunch!

Recently,I’ve held a poll on my Twitter account, asking you about what my next post should be. The result was ”My Favorite Musicals”, so here I am typing a post about it!

Firstly, I love musicals. I love theatre. I BLOODY LOVE MUSICAL THEATRE! So it’s no joke when I basically cried while watching Wicked on West End.

Or screaming when I saw musical brochures at my local performance arts centre.

I follow almost every West End/Broadway actor and actress on Instagram.

Yes, that’s just me! And I’m BEYOND excited to be sharing my favorite musicals with you!

1) Wicked.

Yes… I’ve been talking non-stop  about Wicked. BUT OH EM GEE YOU GUYS.

Wicked has to be at the top of my list. I love the story of it, I’ve grown up with songs from the Wizard of Oz, in my music class back in primary school we used to listen to songs from it.  And somehow, later on I found about Wicked and I’ve been stuck with it. I also love the messages it gives to the audience. I love tearing up at ” For Good”.

2) West Side Story.

I was so lucky enough to have witnessed a brilliant cast, going on a worldwide tour and then coming to my city! The songs, dance moves, EVERYTHING IS BRILLIANT IN THIS MUSICAL. I’ve fallen in love with it the moment the musical started. So yeah, my favorite. Also I’m screaming at the fact that Spielberg is FILMING THE MOVIE OF IT!
With the most incredible cast!! EVER!

3) Phantom of the Opera.

Phantom was the first experience with a Broadway musical. And probably the start of my musical obsession. The stage decor, costumes and songs are brilliant. It’s one of the most longest running shows onBroadway, and you’ll know why if you have seen it! ( and if you haven’t please buy tickets to it. I’m not sponsored by producers, no worries, they don’t even know that I  exist lol!)

4) Dear Evan Hansen.

Hopefully one day I’ll go and see this musical! I love the soundtrack of it as well as the overall message the musical gives 🙂 and I’m bloody excited for the West End production of it! * impatiently waits for the cast announcement* * also currently cries while listening You Will Be Found at the moment*

5)  Waitress.

This is also the one that I haven’t seen it yet but hopefully I will! I love the movie version of it and I love blasting the Waitress soundtrack when I’m home alone! SO YAY!  *fingers crossed that I can see Lucie Jones as Jenna in the West End*

That’s all for my ” Favorite Musicals” post you guys! Let me know what your fave musicals are!

Until next time,

Pen x

6 responses to “my favorite musicals”

  1. I saw Waitress so that is definitely my favourite musical though I really want to see Six and I was meant to (booked tickets twice but both sets got cancelled :/). I also saw the Lion King a few years back which was incredible – the costumes were something else! I would really love to see Wicked or Phantom Of The Opera at some point…hopefully theatres will open soon x


  2. I will forever be sad that I never got to see Waitress on the west end because it finished early due to COVID! I was absolutely dying to see it, the soundtrack is wonderful. However, I did go and see Dear Evan Hansen days before it shut and it really was incredible! My favourite musical is Les Mis, no doubt! xErin / Everything Erin


  3. Yay aww! I really wanted to see Waitress but unfortunately I couldn't travel to see it on West End 😦 I do want to see Six, too! Hopefully once these are all over we both will be able to see the musicals we want to see! & Phantom of the Opera is definitely something else!! x


  4. I'm still so gutted about Waitress too! 😦 & that's amazing omg I really do want to see Dear Evan Hansen! Les Mis is also on my to-watch list too! Hopefully we can go and watch the musicals we want to once its safe to do so x


  5. […] list!!! (P.S. If you haven’t already seen “My Favorite Musicals,” you SHOULD!: ) But unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to post it here! Then the pandemic happened, […]


  6. Out of your list, the only one I’ve seen is Phantom. I saw it at Milton Keynes Theatre and our seats were so high that when the chandelier drops we couldn’t see the stage anymore lol. I’m off to see We Will Rock You for the third time in about 8 weeks. I saw it twice at the Dominion Theatre this time I’ll be seeing the UK Tour back at MK. Our second viewing in London was a matter of weeks before the show closed. Come From Away is one of my top favourites too.

    I want to see DEH and Waitress but not sure if I will get to see them. My Mum and I wil compare lists and see what we both want to see and go from there. She came with me to see Come From Away after I won tickets to see the performance. It was amazing! (You can read about that here if you like:


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