how to stay productive during online school/job

Hello everyone! It’s been AWHILE!!! Hope everyone is safe and sound.

I’m aware that I took a long break from blogging. I was in a state where I needed to question many things in my life. I think quarantine and this painful progress have taught us that. I feel like we are all changed for good. ( Kudos to anyone who understood this Wicked reference. I see you 😉 )

Well, I wanted to type out something about online school and productivity. It’s very difficult to concentrate during online classes as well as to keep up with all the work that is given.

I’m aware of this situation as well as I suffer from it. That’s why today I will be sharing some tips on how to stay on top of your tasks and homework.

Are you READY!? Let’s go, friends!

1) Do not pressure yourself. I know tasks are overwhelming. But one thing you shouldn’t be doing is to put A LOT of pressure on yourself. Plan your day ahead. Get a nice planner. ( are we really sure we want to get 2021 planners, friends?) but trust me planning your task and priorities will diminish the stress.

2) Try to do everything on time.  Never be fooled by the time! Though you might have 10 days to write an essay, don’t ever do it in the last day or hour. Make sure to first layout your essay/assignment plan firstly. Do some brainstorming. Write a draft first. Work and think about it for 2 days. Then start writing. Or you can write whatever comes to your mind about a certain topic you are writing about. Then you can edit it. Saves a lot of your time.

3) Proofread! THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. I never used to proofread ANY of my essays cause I would always feel ”cringey” if that makes sense, aha! But proofreading actually helps you a lot, you can detect your mistakes, punctuation errors, word errors, etc. Proofreading is always a must, especially if your program requires you to write many essays.

4) Take frequent breaks. This is crucial guys. Taking frequent breaks help you to become more concentrated on the task you are dealing with. I would definitely recommend finding a study technique that allows you to breathe in intervals. Pomodoro might be useful for this, though I haven’t tried it! But will be definitely trying!

5) Move around! Try to go on a walk, even if it’s for 30 minutes in a calm environment where no one else is there of course! You can also try to dance! Walk around your home when the professor/teacher takes a break during online classes. Your body and your mind will thank you for it.

I think that’s all for my suggestions! Hope this helped to some of you that are reading this post. Take care. ❤

xx Penny!

photo credits to Lukas from Pexels.

9 responses to “how to stay productive during online school/job”

  1. I agree this semester had been strange. (Especially online classes at 8am!) One of the thing I do when it comes to proof reading is asking someone to read it for me incase if I did not noticed an error grammar or a sentences doesn't make any senses. Since our eyes adjust when it comes to reading our on essay sometime we don't notice the error.Michelle|


  2. That's an amazing tip Michelle! Thank you for sharing your comment on here, means a lot to me! x


  3. Adapting to online uni has not been easy, but these tips are actually so useful and I will 100% be taking them on! Neona xx


  4. Adapting to online uni has not been easy at all! These tips are so useful and I will be 100% incorporating them into my routine! Neona xx


  5. Aw you are very much welcome! I'm happy that I've been a help xx


  6. what a great post! Sometimes the hardest part is all about not putting pressure on yourself – it is so hard to get overwhelmed. Thanks for this x


  7. Yes Sophia exactly! Thank you so much for your lovely comment xx


  8. These tips have been great especially when i get so busy with work and forget to take a break for myself!Jessica |


  9. I'm glad you loved it Jessica, thank you for your comment lovely 🙂 xx


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