Reading List 2021

Reading List 2021

 Hello everyone! I’m coming to you with another post! It is… THE READING LIST FOR 2021!


My most viewed and read post on here is ” Reading List 2019”. Since I’m aware that you guys love reading about this kind of post, I’ve decided to type out another one. Since we all love books, why don’t we share our reading lists and our reading goals for the new year? Comment down below what you are planning to read this year!

So, while we are let’s start with my reading list! Here WE GO!


1) Mrs. Dalloway- Virginia Woolf. / I’ve been wanting to read this for quite a long time. I love Woolf’s style, especially how she uses a stream of consciousness technique. It feels like you are reading a diary while reading Woolf. Therefore, this is definitely on my list. I’m eager to delve into this book! It’s about a woman called Clarissa Dalloway, on a June morning in 1923 as she walks through London, buying flowers and observing life, her thoughts are of the past and she remembers the time when she was young, her old lover, and the friends of her youth.


2) The Psychopathology of Everyday Life- Sigmund Freud/ As a psychology student, I love Freud. I love psychoanalysis. Especially I find Freudian slips very interesting, and how unconscious works! 


3) Northanger Abbey- Jane Austen. / I’m such a huge Jane Austen fan! My favorite has to be ”Emma”! I really want to delve into the world of Austen again with this loved classic. It’s about the naive and charming Catherine Morland’s story which revolves around Gothic romance and horror, and when she is invited to stay at her new friends’ grand house, Northanger Abbey, with its mysteriousness, her melodramatic imagination threatens to run away with her.


4) The Tenant of Wildfell Hall- Anne Brönte/ If you know me irl, I’m a huge fan of Bröntes. I’m eager to read this!!!! I have many hopes about this book 🙂 It’s about Helen Graham’s story about unmasked not as a ”wicked woman” as the local gossips would have it, but as the estranged wife of a brutal alcoholic bully, desperate to protect her son. It’s a very sensational yet hard-hitting story. 


5) In The Time We Lost-Carrie Hope Fletcher/ I love Carrie’s books! This one is about a girl named Luna Lark, coming into a new town, where she wants a fresh start. Somewhere she can make headway on her next novel, to mend her broken heart and keep herself to herself. The cover looks so magical! ( you can also see it in the picture below)

That’s all for my Reading List 2021! Let me know in the comments what you are planning to read in 2021!


Until next time,

Xx Pen 









23 responses to “Reading List 2021”

  1. Thank you! I love these choices, especially the Anne Bronte choice! I've read 'The Tenant of Wilfell Hall' and it was such a great book, so thank you so much for sharing these other choices x


  2. Thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to read The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall! And you are welcome, thanks for leaving a comment here, much appreciated 🙂 xx


  3. I love that you have loads of classics in your reading list! I just read the plot to In the time we lost and it sounds like a great read! Thanks for sharing x


  4. Ahahah aww I tend to pick classics and love to read classics too! I'm so excited to be reading In the Time We Lost too! I have a sense that it's amazing! You are welcome by the way! 🙂 x


  5. I couldn't give you an exact list as I plan on reading so many, but suffice it to say I'm looking to read more classics from fav authors (like the Bronte's, Austen, Dickens, etc), and I want to reread loads of childhood favourites as well as tackle books that have been sitting on my shelf for years, unopened :') I read Northanger Abbey last year, and I really enjoyed it!! Hope you do too as well x


  6. Aww Macey thank you for your comment on here! Hopefully you can have a chance to read from your fave authors as well as the ones on your shelf 🙂 I'm really looking forward to read Northanger Abbey oh my god! Thank you xx


  7. These are a great list with some classics in there! I haven't actually read any of Carrie Hope Fletcher's books but think I would really enjoy them – adding to my list! x


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