crystals: a mini guide

crystals: a mini guide

Hey everyone!!! Today I’ll be writing about a post which I’m VERY VERY EXCITED ABOUT!!!

This post will be a mini guide for crystals! I was introduced to the world of crystals when I was 10 years old. My uncle is a geologist and he used to bring me raw crystals when I was 11. The first one he brought me was a beautiful amethyst. I was fascinated by the beauty of it and it was magical. I felt its magic. Touching the crystal would melt all my childhood anxiety away.

When I came into my twenties, I started to search more about crystals. I learned that there are many crystals all over the world! They are different yet they have the same beauty and magic inside.

So, you might be asking what is the magic of crystals? Shamans have been using them in healing ever since ancient times. Lapis lazuli was a divine crystal back in Egypt. It was used to protect the kings and queens. They are also connected to your energy body, balancing your chakras.

Firstly, every crystal has its own way of working. You will feel more drawn to specific crystals. Always listen to your intuition while crystal shopping! Because your unconscious knows which crystal your body needs. That happened to me back in April. I was very drawn to a selenite necklace. Then I later realized that in my natal chart my water element was lacking. Selenite’s element is water and it is used to balance the water element in natal charts. I was surprised when I learned this!

Then I took a course on Understanding Crystals and Calculating Elements in Natal Chart last summer! I wanted to talk about what I learned in the course in this post.

Well, anyway, let’s get started! 🙂

Firstly, when you pick your crystal it’s highly crucial to clean the energy of it. You can use a smudge, or even water( Do not clean water elemental crystals by water) or you can even bury them into the soil for a night. When you do the cleaning ” I now remove any previously set intention placed on this crystal” then while holding it in your hand you can either close your eyes or visualize what you want from this crystal. For example, if you are holding a lapis lazuli in your hand you might ask for protection. If you are holding pink quartz, you might want to ask for self-love compassion towards yourself. You can say this intention out loud, too. However, you like it!

I’ll be giving some examples from a few crystals and what they are working for 🙂

 Clear quartz. This quartz is white, usually transparent. It is used widely for concentration. You can place it on your desk, or even can wear it as a necklace. It is also used as a purifier, placing it in a living room, or your entryway can be a good idea to clear out the energies 🙂

element: air

Lapis lazuli. This crystal is used for protection as well as guidance. If you are on a spiritual journey, this crystal might work well for you! It’s a powerful crystal to connect with your Higher-self. You’ll feel that your intuition becoming heightened. It also enhances memory.

element: water

Tiger’s eye. This works wonders if want to balance your solar chakra, which is related to willpower and taking action in life. It represents the masculine side of ourselves. If you always find yourself hesitant to take any action in life, having a hard time making decisions; you can consider carrying it around with yourself.

element: fire

Rose quartz. This crystal is always associated with attracting love into your life while we forget an important thing here. How much do you love yourself? How much you have healed your inner child? If we cannot love ourselves and if we cannot show our true colors to this world, we would never be able to attract the soulmate and true partner of our lives. It’s important to show compassion to yourself first. Rose quartz works wonders for this.

If your Venus is in retro or having hard aspects in your natal chart, definitely carry rose quartz with you.

element: water

Aquamarine. Even the name of this one calms me a lot! It reminds me of mermaids, dolphins, water. I love water and the sea a lot. It might be because of the lack of water element in my chart. If you also feel like you are lacking water elements you might want to carry aquamarine with you. It’s also useful for the blockages in the throat chakra. Since it facilitates the throat chakra, it enhances your communication skills.

element: water

That’s all for this mini guide! Comment down below if this helped you! And which crystals you already own?

Until the next post!

xx Penny

Photo credits: Alina Vilchenko from Pexels.

28 responses to “crystals: a mini guide”

  1. This is such an interesting read. I know absolutely nothing about crystals and just admire them for how they look but I didn't know anything about their other properties. Thanks for sharing.Tash – A Girl with a View


  2. I use crystals and often keep them on my windowsill to soak in the moonlight as well as observe the night time energies I cannot. I love my lapis lazuli and clear and rose quartz! Ruby is also a wonderful confidence charge for me, and fuchsia continuously inspires healing. Thanks so much for sharing this!


  3. Moonlight energy is the best cleaner ever! I love ruby too! But lapis and rose quarts have special place in my heart hehe! Thank you for your lovely comment x


  4. I love crystals! I have always had them but never knew just how powerful they were. Thank you for sharing all that information, amazing! Getting myself some more I think :p x


  5. This was such a wonderful post, I loved reading more about the different types of crystals and their properties. Amazing and informative! All the best, Amy at xx


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