Finding Your Soul's Purpose: Living Authentically!

Finding Your Soul's Purpose: Living Authentically!

Hey everyone! I’m very much excited about this post! Hope it will help anyone reading these!

We all try to be somebody in our lives. We tend to copy others, that’s how we learn. It’s nothing bad. Psychology says that. ( for example, Bandura’s social cognitive theory) 😉 

Some say that we are born as a blank slate. I don’t think that it is true but it might be, who knows? One thing I know is that we have this precious jewel inside ourselves that is ready to be shown into the world. We tend to hide this from others since we think it might be wrong or maybe our parents our family wants us to be someone we aren’t. Then we become upset. We feel lost. We feel like this world is not the right place to be in. If you have been there, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 


We have all this authentic self. That’s what makes us different from the rest of the people. We have this authenticity to do something that has not been achieved before! Think about Graham Bell. Think about Marie Curie. Think about Leonardo Davinci. Why are we still talking about these people? It’s because they have achieved something that was never done before. What did they do? They dared to dream. They dared to find authenticity in themselves. Yes, people might have judged them, said bad things, Van Gogh was never able to sell any of his painting when he was alive. But if he is well known right now it’s because of his courage to show up as himself. 


I know it’s easier to say than done! But trust me when you show as your authentic self, your life will SHIFT! I see the potential inside you. I see that fire burning bright. I have it in me too! You are probably wondering how to free yourself from the beliefs others imposed on you as well as a world that tries to eliminate the courageous ones. 


Step 1. Work for your dreams. We all have one purpose. We came into this world with a purpose. Doesn’t matter which religion you believe in. Our souls have a purpose to achieve in this lifetime. Ask yourself. ” What are my personal values?” ”What would make me happy if I did it right now?” When you find this, you’ll feel a joyous river flowing inside you! 🙂


Step 2. Make a list of your personal values. This is a method of Dr. John Demartini( if you haven’t already heard about him I’ll leave his website’s link!) He says that what we truly value in our lives is the most important thing for us. When you make a personal values list you’ll see that you have stuff that is important for you. For me, psychology and my blog are one of my personal values. I love typing out posts for my blog! You’ll definitely be surprised with your list! 

Step 3. Goals. What goals are you trying to manifest? Could be getting into medical school, or writing more creative posts for the blog! As Demartini also mentions, you’ll see a pattern of your goals. If blogging is your purpose in this life why don’t you believe in yourself? The universe already has your back 100%! 


Step 4. Learn to create boundaries. You don’t have to say yes to anyone or anything. If this particular situation or person distracts you from achieving your life purpose, leave it. 

I hope this little post helped you! Hope you can find the courage to find your inner power! You don’t have to go out and search it outside. It’s already within you.  Follow the voice of your heart. 🙂 


”When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” -Rumi 


Demartini’s website: 


Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by anyone. Demartini’s method of values has helped me massively, therefore I wanted to include it here! 


xx Penny





25 responses to “Finding Your Soul's Purpose: Living Authentically!”

  1. Something happened to the format of your post, and I can't exactly read it 😦 maybe it's just my browser! Personally, my relationship with Christ has directed my steps & my soul & spirit have rested in that all my life x


  2. I love the idea of creating a list of personal values and goals! I think having all that down in front of me would be a big help in figuring out where I want to take my life and what I want to spend my days doing! Thanks so much for sharing this. 🙂


  3. This was such a needed read! Setting boundaries and creating goals have helped me so much during this time! Thanks for sharing xCristina|


  4. Hey Penny, this is super interesting! I'm all about authenticity, manifesting, and goal setting. Loved everything about this post! Amy at xx


  5. I love this post from the very beginning till the end. Yup, finding that gem of your own can be hard especially with how we normally incline to those hypothetical culture of living since childhood. Thank you, Penny!


  6. Excellent point! When we show up ourselves, we knock socks off–one way or another. Great tips on how to be more true ourselves in this post, thanks so much.


  7. I love your step-by-step suggestions to laying out and being better able to explore one’s purpose, especially the idea to write out my personal values. Love the quote you share in conjunction with that too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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