journaling for mental health

Hey guys! Today I decided to make a post about journaling, its benefits, and how to make the most of it.

Hope you’ll find this post useful! Let’s get started!

P.S: If you want to make journaling a habit, buy a nice notebook that you really love! When you do this, you’ll feel more inclined to write in it!

1) Journaling has a very profound effect on not just mental health but on your overall health too. In psychology, especially humanistic psychotherapy has reported many beneficial effects of journaling, writing down your thoughts on someone’s immune system. Letting out your feelings, your thoughts on a piece of paper really helps you to focus on your thoughts and become aware of your feelings. It also helps you with anxiety and low moods.

2) Β It helps you to become more creative. Yes! Even writing down your current feelings can help you boost your creativity.

3) It allows for self-reflection. If you are journaling as a habit, you have probably noticed this. When you read what you write, you become aware of your thought and feeling patterns. You can clearly see if talking to a certain friend makes you unhappy, or taking a walk in the park makes you feel relieved. Writing down your thoughts before an important exam or a deadline actually helps you to relax, so that you can focus more on your project or exam.

4) It enhances your memory! Writing down things might seem easy yes, but while you do that you are also improving your memory.

5) It makes you shift your focus from past and future to now, the present moment. While you are writing your feelings, you become aware of the moment you are writing them in. How you feel after you experienced something bad in the day, changes once an amount of time passes. That’s why it’s important to journal to have a shift in the area you focus on.

That’s all for this post everyone! Let me know in the comments below whether you liked this little post and are you looking forward to journaling? Do you think journaling has many benefits for our mental health, too? What were your experiences?

xx Penny!
Photo credits: Alina Vilchenko from Pexels.

10 responses to “journaling for mental health”

  1. Journaling has so many benefits, I recommend to anyone I talk to, haha! I like how you've broken down exactly how useful it is to do it — we sometimes don't realize how something so simple can help us. I recently wrote some daily affirmations and writing prompts on my site as they go hand-in-hand. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. I started journaling after it was recommended by a successful freelance writer that was mentoring me during my move into the career. While I was skeptical about how just writing about my day to day life in a journal could benefit my writing for clients, I noticed quickly that it had a significant impact on focusing my thoughts and, therefore, channeling my creativity better in my writing. After seeing firsthand how helpful it can be, I can't recommend it enough to other writers!


  3. Exactly Molly! Writing down things seem simple yet they are actually very effective on our both mental and physical health, too! I've checked your lovely post by the way πŸ™‚ And you are welcome!


  4. I love journalling – whether it is used as a distraction or to write how I'm feeling x


  5. I guess journaling seems to be similar to talking with a Therapist. Men in general do not journal; it usually a female thing. I have never journaled, but i agree it has some potential mental health benefits.


  6. Exactly Britt! I'm so glad writing has helped you πŸ™‚ Thank you for your lovely comment on here! x


  7. Aw yes exactly Caroline! Thank you for your lovely comment x


  8. Yes exactly! You should definitely consider journaling too, I think regardless of age and gender everyone would benefit from it! Thank you for your comment.


  9. I really can relate to this article, because until now i journal about my day , my thoughts and even my music, it really helps me the built up stress and anger to go away in writing, as that's why i blog. thank you for the article it's very informative.


  10. You are very welcome Farah. πŸ™‚ I'm so happy to hear that journaling has helped you to cope with stress and anger. Lots of love x


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