Self Compassion In Chronic Illness

Hey everyone! Penny here!

I will be sharing some tips on practicing self-compassion in everyday life. This has helped my approach on living with a chronic disease.

Just want to say that self-compassion doesn’t mean belittling yourself nor being selfish. It simply means that still showing yourself compassion even if you just woke up and made your bed that day. It means turning the inner critical voice into a more compassionate one. 

Individuals who are more self-compassionate have greater happiness, overall satisfaction with life, motivation in life, better relationships with others, overall good health. They also have more ”resilience” towards hard things in life.

Self-compassion really helped me with my chronic illness journey over the 7 years. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in this life. And the gift is already inside yourself, ready to be opened. Ready to be shown in the world.

The more you show yourself compassion, the more you will show compassion to others. 

So, I’ll be sharing some tips below that have helped me and hopefully, it’ll help you too! 

  1. Ask yourself ā€œ how can I help you?ā€ throughout the day. If you are feeling stressed just asking this to yourself can make the stress go away.
  2. Pat on your back. We give love to everyone yet ourselves. Patting your back when you have done even the easiest task is great to show yourself compassion
  3. Remember that you are not alone. If you are going through a hard time, a grieving process, a break-up, or even a headache remind yourself that there are millions of other people going through the same here at the moment. Show compassion to them too by showing yourself the same compassion.
  4. You are not your faults. Nor your feelings. Or your thoughts. Self-compassion starts at this moment. When you acknowledge that you cannot control everything in life, that’s where radical acceptance comes into the stage. As well as a sense of compassion. Place your hands on your heart. Feel your heart. And whisper yourself that ” I’m doing the best I can possibly can in this moment.”
  5. Learn to rest, not quit. We all need moments where we want to ”reset.” Where we want to just do things that make us happy. This is okay. As human beings, we have the luxury to take a moment and rest. Do something that would relax you today. Drawing, painting, dancing, watching silly Youtube videos. Or just take a nap. Don’t feel guilty about it. Allow yourself to feel whatever you want to feel at a particular moment.
  6. Suffering is a part of life. This is the fact of life. When we show self-compassion towards ourselves during suffering moments, we’ll experience that it will pass more easily. ” May I be kinder to myself in this moment”

Feelings are like clouds in the sky, so are thoughts. Yet the sky stays the same. You are the sky. Feelings and thoughts come and go like clouds. Don’t get attached to them.

Before we finish; I’d like to say a little prayer for you;

May I be safe

May I be happy

May I be free from all the worry

May my heart be in peace

Until next time! Take care, friends!

xx Penny 

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