GLAD practice: mindful way of approaching stress

GLAD practice: mindful way of approaching stress

Hey all! Today’s post is rather an exciting and different one! 

You know I love typing about mental health&mindfulness on my blog. In fact, my blog is mainly about these two now! I can’t complain, I love writing about these subjects. If any of my posts make you smile and turn your day around, I’d be the happiest person ever! 🙂

You are probably wondering ”What the heck is a GLAD practice? Why are we GLAD? Penny, are you alright?” Well yes! I know it sounds interesting. Every alphabet in GLAD stands for something in this practice. It’s like a code-word for you to remember the practice. 


This practice is done in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programmes. As a graduate of this program, I found this practice to be helpful in my everyday life. I’ll be hopefully sharing more little practices from MBSR. If you want to learn deeper about Mindfulness, I advise you to enroll in one! Many programmers are now held on online platforms! I also have an Insta account where I write more about mindfulness too! ( themindfulnesshouse)


Well, let’s go back to the topic. GLAD practice is very simple. Whenever you feel anxious or stressed, overwhelmed with work you can do this. There are 4 steps. The first one is; Gratitude. What are you most grateful for today? Your home, family, pets, etc. it could be anything. Simply become aware of it. It’s the simple little things.


 The second step is Learning. What did you learn today? Anything new? Anything particular about a subject you like? You are actually learning about the GLAD practice now, for example. 🙂 Become aware of what you have learned on this particular day.


Third step: Accomplishment. What did you accomplish today? Making your bed? Preparing breakfast for your family? Getting dressed? Went on a walk? These are not small accomplishments, in fact, they are huge milestones!


The fourth and final step is Delight. What one thing made you feel delightful today? Calling a friend? Seeing your neighbor’s dog while taking a walk? Feeling the sun on your skin? See these might be little moments but look how happy they made you now! It’s always the simple things in our everyday life. That’s where the true moment of mindfulness is!


Hope you found this little practice useful. Hope it made you smile today! You can always try to remember this throughout your day! Hope it relaxed you, too! 


Lots of love!


xx Penny

Photo credits: Sam Lions from Pexels






21 responses to “GLAD practice: mindful way of approaching stress”

  1. Thank you for suggesting this strategy. I need some techniques to get over my anxiety enough for some stressful situations coming up. It will always be something I suffer with & I need a range of tools to cope x


  2. Wow! The term glad practice is new to me but the whole concept sounds fab. I love practicing gratitude as it is a game changer. I will start practicing this as it sounds like an amazing idea. Thank you so much for sharing


  3. This is a really interesting concept and I like how it simplifies it with the acronym; making it easy to remember and therefore implement. Thanks for sharing this, I will be making use of it!


  4. When it comes to managing stress and anxiety, I’m always very appreciative of simplistic approaches and that’s exactly what GLAD is! I loved reading more about it and now I know that I’ll be integrating it into my day on a regular basis. Thank you so much for sharing this!


  5. Ooh I love this so much! I hadn’t heard of the GLAD practice before but I’ve gotten more into journaling recently and I might make this a part of it. Taking a moment to stop and think through these sounds super helpful! Thanks for sharing x

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  6. Thank you for introducing the GLAD approach! Gratitude is so important and I’m happy to hear it’s the first step in this practice. This is very useful and I’m very happy to incorporate it in my life. Thank you for sharing!

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  7. I’ve been curious all this time to read about GLAD, haha. What a nice way to remember these important ingredients! They must have added to the program recently because I don’t remember it. I’m GLAD!

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