why we need social media breaks

Let’s face it. We all had a moment where we went on Instagram and we saw this gorgeous story of an acquaintance we knew from our old school.

She looks amazing. With all of that makeup and fashionable clothes.

Then we put the phone away. And start thinking why don’t we have that glamour in our lives, especially during a global pandemic!?

We are sat in our PJs, in our comfy cozy living room watching Netflix. We don’t even know what time is it.

We probably haven’t washed our hair in 3 days. And we still don’t want to.

So why do we need social media breaks?

Whenever I get a low mood or as I like to call breakdown- where my brain likes to say ”Oh we are not working today, please come again later in hmmm.. 5 days.” I go on Instagram. I see friends and people ”living their best life” meanwhile I’m struggling to be human that day.

I’ve tried to give myself breaks. Because I know that if I continue on watching stories, scrolling till I immediately open my shopping app and shop for clothes that aren’t even my style. It took me a long time but I needed to do this for my mental health.

Whenever I feel down, I just don’t go on social media. I write in my journal. I write because there is stuff that I can’t say out loud. It’d be odd to scream from my window. But if you can you can scream into your pillow. I heard that it helps.

Then I’ve started to take more social media breaks. I’m like ” You are upset, don’t go on Instagram” today and it really HELPS.

I just go out on a walk. Try mindful walking. Try to take deep breathes. I meditate. Especially self-compassion-based meditations help if you feel like you’re the only one who is suffering. It passes.

I know at first it feels like it’s you against the world or world against you, but trust me the feeling passes.

This blog post is a very raw one. I’ve just poured everything on here. I’d be glad if this has helped some of you.

I know that it’s cliche as it sounds but you are not alone. You really are not and this is the proof.

Remember that you are your own best friend.

You are your own support.

Until the next time,

Penny x

11 responses to “why we need social media breaks”

  1. Love this! Social media truly can be very toxic nowadays, I learnt that the hard way recently. Taking breaks from it is so important – I find that it can really poison your mindset. Thanks for sharing x


  2. Thanks for sharing your perspective on social media. It is really time wasting and full of pictures or ideas you would want to compare yourself with. I’ve been taking breaks myself and only use when it’s much needed.


  3. such a great reminder! social media breaks are so important. I think it's so easy to compare yourself with others & these so called perfect feeds. but we must always remember social media is fake & it's never the true reality of a person's life.


  4. So glad that you found it helpful! x P


  5. I'm so happy that you are taking those well needed social media breaks, Rayo! Thanks for your lovely comment. x P


  6. Exactly, amen to that! x P


  7. I agree, and this is such a great reminder. As a blogger, I often use that as an excuse to be on social media more, but I also think it's important to set boundaries with social media. Great post.


  8. I 100% advocate for social media breaks as they are a really great way to de-stress and not get drawn into that comparison we often find ourselves stuck in. Great advice — thank you!


  9. I defiantly need a social media break every so often. It gets too much, specifically all the notifications, the hard work and no payoff, and the bad news circulating all the time.


  10. Totally agree with you on how the brain works and why we need social media breaks. I’ve been pretty good at keeping my time on social media down but it goes up whenever i’m feeling overwhelmed or lost. It just makes me more lost haha. Glad to hear that you’re taking more breaks.


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