Benefits of Affirmations

Benefits of Affirmations

Hello lovely people! It’s been awhile since I’ve written something here!

I’m more active on my other blog but this blog is very special for me so I’m trying to be more mindful with the content I create here. Today I want to talk about the power of affirming words.

You probably heard of it, what you say to universe echoes back to you. If you usually talk about negative things about yourself or the world around you, chances are the more negative you’ll attract. However, if you become more mindful of your words, this can change everything! As a chronic illness survivor, I have days where I’m ”meh…pain is here again. This is the worst.” And, I know you experience it too. Sometimes, in this situation it’s hard to stay positive and bubbly. But it can help.

2 months ago I started a little affirmation group on Twitter.( I feel like I might do this again!) and for a month we shared affirmations everyday. It definitely lifted my mood. After this, I’ve decided to search the power of these magic words. I decided to say these words to myself daily. In the morning or before I go to sleep.

I’m an anxious person so I noticed that I hold my breath A LOT when I feel panicky. I started to say ”I am safe. All is well in my world.” It definitely helps with your emotions and your breath regulation.

I would definitely advice you to get Louise Hay’s ”Heal Your Body’. It might shed some light and maybe you can find those affirmations helpful because I certainly did. 🙂

Let me know in the comments below if you have a mantra of affirmation you keep repeating!

Until next time friends,

Penny x

19 responses to “Benefits of Affirmations”

  1. I do that too!! While im panicking I hold my breath conciously; now whenever that happens you’ll see me pacing around gently tapping my chest & talking out loud. (Just keep going; you’re safe; everything is good..)

    Since i’ve been getting a hard time at work & im trying to find another workplace, I keep thinking to myself to just trust on life. Everything happens for a reason, and hey, if something is meant to be yours it will be; no stress!

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  2. I recently started practicing journaling and affirmations and noticed that they both have a huge positive impact in my psychology. I definitely agree with everything you said!

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  3. I love this! I’ve never actually tried using affirmations before but I’ve heard how helpful they can be for others so I’m glad you find them useful too! I’ll have to check out ‘Heal Your Body’ and start trying affirmations out. Thank you so much for sharing x

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  4. Thank you for sharing. I’ve never tried affirmations but I do focus on being positive seeing the good in everyday. As it attracts more positives!

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  5. It’s amazing how much power words can hold and shape your reality. One mantra I have been telling myself is “let go and let God.” I have a tendency to worry and overthink circumstances that are not in my control. Saying this to myself repeatedly reminds myself that if I cannot control it, I must leave it in a higher power’s hands. Thank you for sharing!

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