Reading List 2022

Reading List 2022

Hello guys! I’m here with the post I’ve been wanting to type ever since the 1st of January. ITS THE READING LIST 2022! This has become a tradition of mine ever since I wrote one in 2019 and I have continued to do so. I want to read different and various books this year. ( from fiction to poetry) so I gathered up a mini list. Comment down below on what you will be reading this year!

Stancliffe’s Hotel

I love Charlotte’s writings! It’s so sincere and it feels like as if I’m reading a letter from a friend. This one can be considered a novella as its short in length. My lovely friend Tayla sent it to me all the way from the UK. I’ve started reading it and so far I’m enjoying it.

Emily Bronte’s Complete Poems

Okay, you probably guessed it right. I’m 100% biased towards the Bronte sisters! Emily has a special place in my heart as I had a chance to translate some of her poems into Turkish in my translation class 3 years ago. My favorite poem by her is called ”Stars”

You Have The Power Affirmation Book

Hello,boss ladies! This is the perfect pocket book( well, kinda if you have relatively bigger pockets!) which you can carry and read an affirmation out loud whenever you need it. My September Affirmation Group ladies all know too well about these affirmations.

Emily Dickinson’s Selected Poems

I love both Emilys. The second one is Dickinson. Her style and her tone are beyond this world. She has been my favorite ever since my 1st grade literature class. If you haven’t read any of her poems, you are totally missing out.

Song of Achilles- Madeline Miller

Hello, it’s your local classics and mythology lover aka Penny. Well, I was introduced to Illiad when I was 10 years old in my drama class. Ever since then, I’ve been interested in the world of mythological characters. That’s why this book is on my list of Books I’m Determined To Read in 2022! Because, who doesn’t love mythology and fiction? Well, no one that I know. And if we can talk about Greek mythology, we are instantly best friends forever.

Virginia Woolf- The Waves

This year, I’m planning on reading more Woolf. I started reading ”The Waves” in my freshman year of university, but couldn’t finish it! My aim for this year is to finish reading it. Following Woolf’s stream of consciousness can be tough, but I know it will be totally worth it!

That’s all everyone! Let me know what will you be reading this year! Let’s meet in the comments down below.

xx Penny

75 responses to “Reading List 2022”

  1. The one writing class I’m taking has referenced Virginia Woolf several times, piquing my interest. I’ll be curious to see your thoughts on that book.

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  2. This is a lovely little list that is so different! I’ve been wanting to up my reading game for years now. The last book I read (still not quite finished) was The Girl on the Train. Hoping to check out one of yours soon. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Oh wow! Look at you go with your classics! I’m definitely not one for classics at all anymore (though I did enjoy them when I was much younger) – but I know that a lot of people thrive when reading those familiar authors. I hope you enjoy!

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  4. These ones are all new for me 🙂 though I do like the sound of You Have The Power. I’m re-listening too all of the Outlander books, as I just love the show so much. However I recently finished The Dry by Jane Harper which was awesome!

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  5. What a great list! I love the sound of Stancliffe’s Hotel. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far. I’m definitely adding You Have The Power to my list, I love affirmations! Thank you for sharing and happy reading!

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  6. This is a really lovely list of different books you’ve shared. I’m always looking for something new to read so I very much appreciate this post. Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

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  7. This is an incredible list of books to read! I like the sound of ‘You have the Power’. I’ll have to get my hands on The Song of Achilles; as I agree, mythology and fiction are a great combo. 😊

    I’m not sure what books I will get around to reading this year. I am trying to read the books that I own that have been on my shelf for a while. I have a few Penguin Classics on my shelf to read through as well, though. 😊

    Thank you for sharing your reading list for this year. 😊

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  8. Not quite one for a classic read but I have an appreciation for those who do. I also have an appreciation for those editions clothed in suede covers and satin ribbons for marking your page.

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  9. I like emily Bronte the most out of them. And you translated a piece of her work, is awesome. I’ve to add up a few in my this year tbr and it would be ideas related topics. Have yet to shortlist. I’m also curious of the achilles. Will give that a look. Thanks for sharing these. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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  10. I love reading, I have piles of books but when my mental health is bad I can’t get into it so I’ve been neglecting my stories for months now. Hopefully things will get better this year!

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  11. These look like some really great books to read this year. This blog post is reminding me that I want to read more this year. I have a lot of books I want to read. Thank you for sharing your selection.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

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  12. Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books of all time so I will have to add Stancliffe’s Hotel to my never ending reading list. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  13. it was so interesting to see poems in reading recommendations! it reminded me to branch out. I also want to read more classics as well! they have such beautiful renditions at the bookstore i would love to have in my collection as home decor.

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