What I Wish Everyone Knew About Elements In The Natal Chart

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Elements In The Natal Chart

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be about understanding the basic zodiac elements in our natal charts and how we can harness elements energy in our lives. A key to understanding elements is looking at your natal chart, that’s where the secret of our soul lies. When you master your natal chart, you will 100% master your life. But, how does elements in natal chart work? Let’s find out!

I’m eager to tell you that recently I had a chance to attend a workshop and learnt how to calculate elements in our astrological birth chart. Knowing which elements I’m lacking or which ones are excessive has helped me massively! Let me explain why.

Introduction to Elements in Natal Chart

Firstly, our natal chart consists of planets in signs. For example, you might have Sun in Aquarius, but your Venus might be in Taurus, or your Mars might be in Virgo sign. Every sign has a different element. Aquarius is air, whereas Taurus is Earth energy. When we have a lack of air in our natal chart, we might have problems with being stable in all areas of our lives, since earth energy is all about stability. If we have excessive air energy, we might be talkative, indecisive, impulsive and try to do many things at the same time! ( I have excessive air in my astrological chart!)

Why Understanding These Elements Are Important?

When you comprehend those, you will start to notice some details in your life, which blew my mind when I first noticed in my life! For instance, I have a lack of water in my chart and I learnt this after I purchased a Selenite necklace! ( I was so drawn to it and Selenite is water energy! Wicked!) Also, many of my friends and family members have either Pisces suns or Cancer moons or ascendants in their natal chart. They are actually there to help me with my scarce water energy! Can you believe it???

Picture by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.

Some Examples of Elements and Probable Symptoms

Lack of water( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): lack of emotions, lack of empathy, too much rationality.

Excessive water(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): being too emotional, not being able to think clearly, lack of rationality.

Lack of air( Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): not being able to concentrate on a task, forgetfulness,

Excessive air(Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): Talkativeness, restlessness, ideas floating around, anxiety.

Lack of earth( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): problems with money/savings, not feeling like you belong anywhere, rejecting feminine nature.

Excessive earth( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):Stubbornness, adherence to conventions, and an inability to see things from a different perspective.

Lack of fire(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): not being able to take an initiative, feeling stuck, digestive problems. ( I have lack of fire in my chart,too! 😦

Excessive fire(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): overly confident, can easily experience a burn out, feeling impulsive.

If you want to learn how different crystals have an effect on healing your elements in zodiac chart, you can click here and read my post about it! 🙂 crystals: a mini guide

Before I finish, I would like to say that I’m offering elemental readings. All you have to do is email me at whatdidshetype@gmail.com or send me a DM on Twitter( @whatdidshetype) I’ll be happy to help you if you want to learn more about yourself. As always, my main aim is to make you all aware of your inner self so that you can create a life you want to live!

Let’s meet in the comments down below! Are you interested in astrology? Was this post an eye-opening one for you?

xx Penny

Cover picture by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.

38 responses to “What I Wish Everyone Knew About Elements In The Natal Chart”

  1. I lllove all the zodiac thingimajiggs (although not horoscopes), there’s often so much truth in them! In this one “Lack of earth( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): problems with money/savings, not feeling like you belong anywhere…” the not belonging anywhere hit home HARD! I’ve moved around Europe for the past 10 years, which has also caused money issues 😀 I love seeing things a bit more clearly through these findings.

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

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  2. 😍 You had me at “elements”. It’s so interesting you decided to talk about them. I thought of the elements in my astral chart when I was recovering an old article last week about healing with the elements. It doesn’t talk about astrology but I thought about how my lack or excess of certain elements might be responsible for liking some more activities than others. I have too much fire and air so my preferred activities to recharge are reaching the top of a mountain and enjoying the view, or sitting next to a fireplace. On another hand, I lack water, and now that I read your article I understand why my emotions are always being tested by others. Loved this, it’s so cool to see how astrology can help us understand ourselves better!

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    • Oh, wow, that’s so interesting! Great minds definitely think alike 🙂 I can’t wait to read your elements post 🙂 Astrology is really a key to understanding ourselves. Thank you very much for your lovely comment 🙂 xx

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      • Definetely. It’s a tool I recommend to aid self-discovery and knowledge. I was studying astropsychology but I stopped. It’s very interesting how the sky can tell us so much. Mine about the elements comes out tomorrow xx

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  3. How interesting! I know absolutely nothing about this particular style of practice. I know I’m a Pisces and that’s literally it when it comes to anything astrological haha. It was cool to read this!

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  4. This is such an interesting post! I’ve never done my own natal chart before – pretty much all I know is that I’m a Gemini – and I found myself nodding along to your symptoms for both lack of/excessive air, it’s absolutely fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing x

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  5. This was a very interesting read! I do not know much about natal charts besides that my placements are Aquarius sun, Pisces moon, and Taurus rising (or ascendent). Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed this read.

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  6. I love astrology! Understanding natal charts were always confusing to me but you’ve broken it down perfectly. Everything is energy and too much of a certain element can make us lose our balance. Thank you for sharing!

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  7. I LOVE learning about all this sort of stuff and have just discovered my own natal chart (roughly)! I was shocked to learn there was a little bit of Aquarius in my moon.

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  8. this was so interesting to read! i’m only familiar with the basics of zodiacs and natal charts. i had no idea a person could be lacking or having too much of an element.
    i’m a leo sun & moon with Aquarius rising.

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  9. The last time I looked at this in any way was in college. I tried to map my chart and some friends as well. No idea whether or not I was on the right track, but it was interesting and fun at the time. I would like to learn more about myself with regard to my sign and what it all means. I do believe it is telling of who we are.

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  10. This is an interesting read and I love how simply you explained everything. As I have been told I have too many air signs in my horoscope which kind of explains my anxiety issues. Thank you for sharing!

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